People in harmony

The thing is not to see a human being in another. We know human nature all too well. It bores us. It is direct, suspicious and disheartening. Human is an insidiously smart animal. This is why we are not so friendly towards each other. Usually living together as a matter of necessity more often than we can admit. Incidentally, staying together is exactly what allowed human race to survive and dominate the planet and other species.

What makes a man interesting is what we cannot immediately expect. Something that goes beyond what defines a man and thus so difficult to capture. This transcendental potential is almost always overlooked. Experience leads us away from anything extraordinarily good and unknown which differentiate an individual. Owning a task-oriented minds, social connection is again one more repeatable and tedious task of our everyday lives.

A prominent being will challenge social norms but we are all exceptional, regardless of how we may try to liken ourselves to others. The potential is not to disturb society but to widen the horizon of understanding. Sometimes it doesn’t get interesting at all. It may be even an aesthetic category which describes if certain behavior is a driver for action, thinking or just disturbs our ego. Some humble type rather likes to accumulate its potential to act with style and long-term. Both types of individuals make consternation, unease in societies. The boundry of common acceptance will soon be moved in the middle of craze and fascination. The revolt is inevitable since society doesn’t define a category for justification for individual disobedience.

We need to appreciate a chaotic man. Wake up for fearless curiosity about another. The social concord is built upon diversity while everyone is comfortable within one’s own skin. We are predestined to live together to the same extent as we are predestined for broadening of our freedoms without which we cannot know each other. This is a call to make a man known always anew.

A society founded on great values lasts longer because ideals allow for great dose of good will to be justified. Business runs fast to the end when conditions are no longer suitable to sustain it. Bulding these ideals would be more beneficial that seeking a man directly in an individual. Good will then is a sign for readiness for greater future.

One deserves the greater freedom the greater is number of new worlds one has opened before others, knowing oneself and others, made being in a world bearable. There is no common good without common future…