Satisfaction sets a trap

Let’s try a different view on life today. Life is like a force driving to achieve satisfaction. To reach its aim no boundry is left untouched, it is restless, until countenanced with impossibility. Impossibility not to be challenged but leaving satisfaction lost, energy dispersed, approaching release by annihilation. It succeeds however only with generating an impression as total annihilation is not possible.

There are many symptoms of this force in life of a human. These are the needs: physiological, intelectual and of meaning. It is amazing how deep is similarity in their workings. The means of expression are different though. You must be warned to not to attribute them with moral values too early. Handling of these needs is a measure of a good character but these needs themselves are unsophisticated and obtuse.

Regarding the body not much has been left for us to decide. Rest, food, water, breathing, even sexual and defensive behavior are basic as to survive as a human being. Danger however is hidden with entangling of these basic needs with some elevated narratives, higher goals. These shift the usual conditions for contentment far outside the reach of possible effort which is a straight way to apathy, frustration, self-mortification.

Intelectually, human mind aims for inventing ideas and seeking simplification to bring back some peace of mind by having control over a kind of thoughts that arise in one. Thinking, as much as generalization, is an ability required for functioning in a community but skillfulness in this regard is rare. Instead of facilitating your own life you can fall into a trap of the ‘peace and quiet’. That way any occurrence of new comprehension can potentially lead to irritation, alienation.

Being aware of living grants an extra space for seeking meaning to life. Here difficulty lies not in the method but in preserverance of applying it to one’s own life. We are destined to create meaning while it is very often confused with seeking to obtain it. The difference is of involvement. Patiently discovering totality of existence, always anew, the totality itself is a source of all meaning. At the same time an attempt to mould the ultimate sense into an idea, a simple dichotomy, is predestined to fail resulting raising of will to self-defeat, torment and pursuing malice.

In general terms the satisfaction trap is a mistake to take the force that drives us to fulfillment as the same as the ends it leads to. More precisely it is to be confused by pointless nature of satisfaction. You are not guilty of being human, being for others and for desire to have some peace. Satisfaction nevertheless requires space for itself. Reduced by imaginary, needless obstacles interferes with belief in any sense of purpose and creating new conditions for recovering the energy to act.

In the end let’s don’t forget about satisfaction that comes from undertaking the way. Being on a way, accepting the unknown is not a gift only for the brave but also a cure for those bored with life. You can be an accidental creator when you allow yourself for curiosity and with failing you cleanse yourself from unnecessary conceptualization and conflict. Let yourself live without fear of achieving nothing. All that is needed is here and if anything is missing, that’s you.